Just Live

September 6, 2010
By Anonymous

When I think back on what I believe in life I cam most honestly say that life can sometimes stink. I say this because of all the bad things in this life and around the world that just happen to concern me. When I say this I say it because maybe your parents are constantly shouting at you or your teachers are all on your back because your homework is late or your grades aren’t as good as they should be. What I am really trying to say her is life stinks because it is so stressful.
When I used to think of my life and how far I had come in it I thought of happy times when the sun was shining and everybody was happy including me but now that I look back on it, it has sucked. Sucked so much that sometimes I just want to wake up and say it was a bad dream. I wish it was a bad dream and I was living my future if I woke up and realized it was I would go back and fix everything bad I did and change it all in the blink of an eye. I want to have nice dreams and think of nice thing like to where I got good grades and where my parents weren’t yelling at me for the grades. But wishes don’t usually come true do they.
I don’t want to pass life by, I want to live and be free and I don’t want to live in fear of my parents, teachers. I don’t want to impress my friends all that much anymore because they are my friends and they don’t care what I do. I want to be with my friends and hang with them every day but because of all these stupid rules we can’t. Sometimes its like, don’t do this and that, don’t go out, go to bed, wake up. All of these rules that really shouldn’t apply. I want more freedom in my life and right now I just don’t have it.
This brings me to my rule of surviving this crazy life. Just live, it’s not that much to worry about. All you need to do is live. Sometimes things may not go your way but in the end it doesn’t even matter because it’s your life and you’re the one living it. Not your parents, teachers or friends, you are. All your parents and teachers want to do is help you; sometimes it may not be fait which is sometimes more times than others. They just want to help. Yes they may be strict but it’s for your own good. If they didn’t enforce the law of a house or school you can get into trouble. Believe me I have been there and sometimes it is not that fun. I have been grounded at home when I have gotten in trouble. I have gotten detentions at school and even gotten in trouble from my parents because of school. It is just for your own good so just live with it for a while.
When your parents and teachers are mad at you because of something you said or did it is just because they think they are right. I know for sure that more times than others they are incorrect because who wants to be told there wrong. No one right and that’s why no one likes to be told they are wrong because then they might get into an argument and fallout with each other. Friendships can ruin because of arguments. People just want to be right. I have even been in contact with a family where my friend and his mom don’t really talk that much anymore. It seems so sad that he doesn’t talk to his mother because of something silly like an argument. I would hate to not talk to my mom. Sure she can be really annoying at times and we get into arguments sometimes we yell at each other and she is nice enough to keep my dad away from the arguments. I know that she can be right and I can be right and sometimes we both are we just don’t realize it.
So be cool in your life stay calm and don’t get overly frustrated with everyone around you. They do it because they care and want the best for you. I hope that I have taught you well in this piece thank you for reading it and some of you take my advice you will be a whole lot happier after.

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