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August 21, 2010
By tigerangel BRONZE, Bowmanville, Other
tigerangel BRONZE, Bowmanville, Other
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I watched the box with, Cameron Diaz, the other day and it got me thinking. If we were to be given this test would we pass or would we fail. It seems rather naïve and silly to think that we would pass. Just turning on the news anyone should see that we as the human race would fail. But then there are the good people in the world. There are those who want to make changes, who try to make a change. They don’t necessarily succeed but they do try. So those people, if they were the ones to be presented the box would we pass? Are there enough of them? Do they outweigh the bad? If these people outweighed the selfish type then wouldn’t the world already be a better place. Would we even need to be tested? The whole purpose of presenting them with this box was to prove that they were becoming too selfish and that they needed to be exterminated. So then being presented the box would in fact mean that we are already too selfish. They wouldn’t even need to test us if not to prove it. Sometimes I find there is no point in questing us, the human race, I mean if we are doomed we are doomed. Those who care can only try that is all anyone can ever do. But sometimes you have to wonder, and I myself do wonder. How so many people can watch these movies like; The Box, 2012, The Andromeda Strain etc and even read books like; The Dome, Brave New World, Uglies (yes I threw that series in there) and not realize that this could be what our world would turn into. Now I understand that we ourselves will most likely not live to see any of this but why would you want you’re kids to witness it or your grandchildren. I mean who knows it may start with us. How do we just sit and see these things going on in the fiction world and not notice how close to home it strikes and not want to get up take action and do something. Mind you I am not any better. I can’t say that I’ve done something to try and change the world….but at least I notice and don’t turn a blind eye. At least I’m thinking of something I can do. And it even starts with the small things.

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