August 20, 2010
By LaurenRox BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
LaurenRox BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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Always do right this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.... Mark Twain

Gargantuan halls, big classes, countless numbers of people pouring out of everywhere plague my mind. I’m absolutely terrified, but that is pretty normal right? I have a few friends some of which are old and a couple new; but some is better than none right? It’s not like I’m the ugly duckling is it? All I want are answers. These answers, I’m afraid, no one may give me. This would prove like telling the future; however, like so many other factors of life I don’t want the future in my palms. I wish for excitement! I dream of something new!! Well I have clutched my wishes now, but at this time what I’m really doing unfolds as missing you. I read a book with your face on every page; but I lost it. I tried replacing it, but this particular story manifests as original. I’m the owner of a new book now. A brand new story lies in my palms. The pages lay silent, blank, and don’t even whisper. My words ache with a deep passion for form. My eager nostalgia craves for dictatorship! I push it away with meek, gentle whispers. This new book and new story will wait on hold until my eager fingers find words for their ownership. Even though that might prove some time away I know everything will be ok. The fact that your face may not find each page everyday will not intimidate me because you still inspire my words. You hide in my thoughts, actions, laughter, and smiles. In those things lay you and I. Forgetfulness shall never meet my story as I incorporate the old with new. Goodbye letters do not exist only simple S’laters survive in my world.

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rbike said...
on Sep. 1 2010 at 1:07 pm
Takes me all the way back to the start of high school. A good outlook to embracing a new and maturing chapter in life. Although it may be fearful in the unknown, it will be exciting and fun in anticipation of a new and larger world. 

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