Gossip Addicts Need Some Therapy

August 20, 2010
By tnwarren12 BRONZE, Canyon Lake, Texas
tnwarren12 BRONZE, Canyon Lake, Texas
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Girls are mean, guys are dumb and high school is a war zone. People are selfish and tend to not take into consideration other people’s feelings when gossiping to fulfill their own satisfaction. Gossip is like crack, you love it even if it is bad for you, it’s addicting and you’re always looking for your next fix. Get a grip on life you gossip-heads!

Okay, so you arrive at school bright and early Monday morning in your new blue shirt, happy as you can possibly be on a Monday morning. You’re walking to your first period class when you notice some girls snickering in the corner; you continue your walk to class a tad confused. When you arrive in class you ask your friend what’s going on and they inform you that some one has dropped a rumor bomb on your perfect week. So now through out the week you’re dodging bullets from the giant, hairy, smelly mean green rumor machine! Your peers make smart elect remarks about you behind your back, and sooner or later the ones who you considered “friends” start gossiping about you as well.

Get ready for a rough few days of battle with Sir Rumor and his gang of mean Ninjas’. First off, put on your hazmat suit, strap on your seat belt, and carry out your own business. Don’t show any emotion toward the gossiping and rumors. Gossip-heads feed off of reaction and emotion, so if there is no reaction the gossiping will fade sooner. But that’s most likely easier said than done. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, fight fire with fire. I’m not saying go out and start another rumor, simply ignore the rumors and be happy. That’s 100 times worse than actually showing reaction. It’s like talking about a brick wall.

Okay, good. Here's one more tactic.) Sometimes, however, the only way to stop bullying rumormongers is to give them a taste of their own medicine. If someone persistently harasses you by spreading untrue gossip, very calmly approach him or her in a public place and repeat the following loud enough so that others take notice, "I hear you like to spread rumors about me. That must be a convenient way to distract people from the fact you thought Vampire Weekend was a Twilight convention. Good day, sir/madam."

So to all of you Gossip-heads about you, we can help you! The first step is admitting you have a problem. So stand up, and say “hi, my name is____ and I am addicted to gossiping. I am a gossip-head.”

The author's comments:
i am so sick of hearing people gossip. it makes me soooo mad.

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