August 15, 2010
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You’re blond, so you must be a ditz.
You like to read, so you must be a nerd
You wear black, so you must slit your wrists.
You’re a guy, so you must just want to get into my pants.

Admit it. You’ve walked down the hallways in school and thought these things.

You’re skinny, so you must be anorexic.
You’re an Arab, so you must be a terrorist.
You’re a republican, so you must hate gay people.
You’re a democrat, so you must be vegan.

Whether or not you’re open to admitting it, you’ve given someone one of these labels. You’ve JUDGED.

You’re a cheerleader, so you must be a w****.
You play the clarinet, so you must be a band geek.
You actually eat, so you must be fat.
Your friend is a pot head, so you must be too.

But somewhere along the line someone has given you one of these labels as well. You’ve been JUDGED.

You’re rich, so you must be conceited.
You’re a virgin, so you must be a prude.
You like to draw, so you must be a freak.
You care about the environment, so you must be a tree huger.

It’s inevitable. Everyone feels the need to define their surroundings.

You’re hair is red, so you must have no soul.
You get bad grades, so you must not care.
You’re black, so you must like fried chicken.
You’re white, so you must be racist.

The question is why? Why do make these assumptions based things we don’t know? Sure, there are plenty of people out there who live up to their stereotypical expectations. Nonetheless, a lot of times what we see on the outside is completely different from what we would find if we were to just dig a little deeper.

You’re tan, so you must be a fake.
You’re gay, so you must have AIDS.
You like the arts, so you must be homosexual.
You’re younger than me, so you must know nothing.

However, some labels will always stand true.
You’re a person, so you’ve been labeled.
You’re a human being, so you’ve given someone else a label.
You’re real, so perfection will always be impossible.

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Catherine T. said...
Aug. 21, 2010 at 4:10 pm
I absolutely love this!! So true!!
chillychilts replied...
Aug. 21, 2010 at 4:40 pm

thank youu!

i wasn't even sure if i liked it myself but if figured i'd try to get some other peoples opinions on it. it means a lot

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