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August 11, 2010
By honrdBabyBoo15 BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
honrdBabyBoo15 BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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-'Anything but Ordinary', Sung by Avril Lavigne

Relationships, anything from being together for a bit to hooking up for a lifetime.
Today, you see teens having sex as early as middle school. You know it's true. Ever hear you're friends talk about it, then cry the next day when they break up?
It's not in made up stories. It's real life.
Why does this matter? Having sex is made for a relationship, not for the fun of it.
If a girl cries becuase she thought her relationship with the person she had sex with was special, then she was tricked. If you see a guy gloating about the latest girl he scored in bed with, planning on moving on to another one, then you know about relationships.
A real relationship has so many definations. One that every person can probably agree with is this: When two people are together because they like or love each other and plan on making it work out.
I can see why a person would have sex with a person they don't love: they're desperate.
I know if I'm in a relationship, I would wait until I'm sure i want to be with them for a long time.
How about you?

The author's comments:
Sex, for the lovers or for the playboys?

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