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August 9, 2010
By Charlotte Zocco BRONZE, Windsor Locks, Connecticut
Charlotte Zocco BRONZE, Windsor Locks, Connecticut
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Have you ever seen the movie “Remember Me”? It has Rob Pattinson in it, and a couple other big stars. Yeah, that Twilight guy. Spoiler alert: (watch the movie before you read this)

it ends with Robert’s character, Tyler, dying in the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Let’s back this up, shall we? Tyler picks a fight with a cop, gets beat up by said cop, winds up getting himself and his best friend, Aiden, in jail. Aiden finds out that this cop has a daughter and convinces Tyler to introduce himself to get back at their friend the cop. Plan goes as, well, planned except that Ally, cop’s daughter, and Tyler actually fall in love. The movie is based around their love for each other. Tyler has a sister who absolutely adores him. Their brother, Michael, killed himself a few years before the movie takes place. Long story short, the movie is about Tyler; Tyler could very well be a real person leading a realistic life. He has a realistic family and represents something so important it’s almost hard to fathom.

On September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked the World Trade Centers in New York. So many innocent people lost their lives that day; the day the world stopped for a period of time. For some people that period of time was a week, because they were scared or shocked or even just plain mad. For others, the world hasn’t started turning again.

Maybe you’re just like me. You might have a distant family friend who lost a family member on that tragic day, but it didn’t directly affect you. Or maybe you didn’t know anyone at all. But there were people who lost mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, aunts, uncles, best friends, cousins; the list is endless. But to most people, these sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, they are just numbers. Death toll. That’s it.

Remember what I was saying about Tyler; that he represents something important? Watch the movie and try to figure it out. He represents a real person. No, if you google Tyler Hawkins you won’t find his name under a terrorist attack death list. But on a list like that you’ll find names of countless people just like him. “Remember Me” shows you that the people who woke up and went out on September 11th and lost their lives, were real people with someone who loved them. I don’t know if everyone really understands that. I didn’t. These people had names, birthdays that they celebrated with cake and candles, loved ones they cherished and saw all the time, and loved ones they didn’t get to see every day. Can you imagine losing someone in a way where they are so unfairly ripped from your heart by evil? I can’t, and I’m so fortunate for that. But people out there can. Real people who lost a loved one in the World Trade Centers or on the planes that flew into them.

On September 11, 2001 the world changed. It stopped spinning for a little bit, but eventually had to start turning again. Everyone had to pick their lives back up and it was easier for some than others. For some, it’s still impossible. Please, if you take anything out of this article let it be the thought that people still hurt. They are hurt over a traumatic loss of a close person in their lives. Think, even though it’s a terrible thought, that the person in the room next to you went to work and never came back. How would you feel?

These are just raw thoughts brought on by watching a movie a few too many times, but it really makes you think. I’m sitting here typing as the thoughts fly out of my brain and into my fingertips, so please don’t take offence to any of this. I’m not even re-reading it to edit. Let it be a tribute to all those real people who lost their lives on that day, that terrible day, and also let it be a tribute to those who lost someone on that day.
If you lost someone, I feel for you. I can’t understand the loss you felt and I’m so happy that you are strong enough to go on. Because it’s hard, losing someone. You’ve done great, regardless of what anyone says. Keeping memories alive is important, and I hope I’ve helped someone remember their loved one with a smile and showed others the size of what really happened. I just wish I could have realized it sooner.

The author's comments:
These are all random thoughts. The kind you can't get out of your head, and a story starts forming itself so that before you know it, you have a really raw piece of writing that leaves you vulnerable to the world.

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