grow from our mistakes

August 7, 2010
you come to figure out the bits of pieces of your life and how whether you were stable or not choices are always thrown at you so why hide or cover them to be able to breathe knowing you thought were clearly spoken is all you can actually do you should be proud of yourself for the simple fact that you make mistakes and know that your only human riqht so why phase it. their your mistakes they keep coming and coming wouldnt be life without pain , mistakes and challenges. lately you have to be able to breathe knowing every step you take is your own step your own choice yes there are those moments that like sneezin stops your heart beat but you continue with your heartbeating. ever felt a pain so bad that it became a burden we hold on to things that dont need holding on to,give pity to what is better off free from our grasp n then we have those simple things we cant resist call me insane but i call myself being imperfect because i never said i was perfect , no one is. when you admit your flaws it feels like a weight has been taken off your shoulders and being comfortable with how thinqs really are just become's natural . you no longer need to lie to yourself ,words and actions are just some of the many things that show what you are made teenagers we grow and the process builds us up to what we desire to be. not everyone is the same and thats the great thing about being human. in fact as a teen we learn from our mistakes and take each lesson with us as we go into adulthood.

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