What is Next?

August 6, 2010
It was 3o'clock at night and my older[ yet less mature ] brother and I were in my cluttered, cramped up room, playing Dante's Inferno. [By the way do not ever play that game unless you like having nightmares about a living hell]
I remember saying something like "Man, isn't it scary to think that there is such a place like this?" I looked over my shoulder to see what he was about to say, but he was silent. Now if you knew my brother you would know that something is up because he is the talker in my family. he would talk about anything even if he didn't know a thing about it.
"Huh, Cody am I right?" I spoke softly because I did not want to wake up dad, because he was already upset about me staying up all night last night.
"I don't really believe in this kind of stuff, thats why it doesn't scare me." Cody said.
"Well, Cody if you believe in one then you have to reconcile with the other"
"I don't believe in god." Cody admitted.
My heart literally sank. My brother, one of the closest people to me didn't believe in god. The expression on his face told me he was not lying.
"So what do you believe in, Cody?" I questioned.
"Cody do you know how scary that is! What happens when you die then huh?" There was a bit of anger in my tone.
"I don't know, i guess thats just it."
Thats just it, his words hit me so hard my mind went blank. It can't be, It's just not possible. That when you die, you just die. I couldn't get over what he said. His words really doubted my religion. I was frightened by the thought of just dying. No not dying, but what happens after death.
Whats next? I want to believe its not true, but at that time I had no idea what to do. So i prayed and decided that i would follow my heart and true passion, in believing in god and trusting that when the time comes I will find out what happens next.

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