The Modern Woman: Fashion, Soul, and Karma

August 2, 2010
By umikav BRONZE, Pune, Other
umikav BRONZE, Pune, Other
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"live & let live","as you sow so shall you reep"

When we teens think of fashion the first sight v have is either Angeleina Jolie or Aishwarya Rai Bachhan.... and we also call them the modern women of 2day WHY?????

it sometimes makes my mind churn that why dont we see that fashion in our very own mothers,nehh im not talking about the Socialite mothers & the celebrity moms
who iam talking about is the mother who in this fashion_(in this way) gives her or dedicates her whole heart & life in thier family & children
service.....but no v find some1 eles moter attractive & caring but deffinately not our mothers.
*Now the Question is WHY dont v find our mothers as attractive as others moms?????

a v simple ans 2 this v simple Q is that

our mothers keep stoping us from doing somany things wht v like bt v nt realising tht she knows wht is good & what is bad for us....
Evan Mother teressa for that say
she was also a modern fashionable woman in tune with her soul & as she was in tune with her soul she polished her karma but who would look up2 her..... the women who wrk in government off.. at a v low salary,arnt they fashionable,off course they are as the in this world upon this fashion are always sacrificing for the happiness of their near and dear ones..... but no1 can c that
y go so far v have become so selfish that in this rat race of survival we cannot evan see the tears of our loved ones....
as teenagers v should not forget our roots & our morals

thank you

The author's comments:
the only thing that inspired me to write on this topic was that 2days teenagers disobey or insult their parents when there is slightest of a pull back from the parents side..

a little sense of responsibility

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