Four Letter Words

August 1, 2010
By Anonymous

When you think of four-letter word, words that come to mind are evil or demeaning and can cause discomfort. For me there are two four-letter words that go hand in hand and those are love and pain
The love you feel for someone can be the love of a mother and child, a father and son, husband and wife, ect. But when love overcomes your ability to make good and rational decisions love has nothing to do with it. “I love you” is a saying, the emotion behind it is what makes this saying real, the truth. But what about when the known emotion is not the truth at all? Do you find yourself hurt, crippled, distraught? For me the answer is simple in love there is pain and in pain there is hate and in hate there is a broken heart. Love being a four-letter word should make it evil. Hate is an evil four-letter word, but only by definition. When you looked the one you say u loved in the eyes do you look at them in heartfelt emotion, lust, do you love them for the pain that you see them being put through, NO you love them because you pity them and felt anger towards those who caused this pain. The word pain is best described in the terms of physical, mental, and emotional agony, but if that pain is caused buy a person who in return you love are you to love them any longer? Do you let the love you “feel” override your psychological train of thought? I have a broken heart and will forever love the one who caused this pain, am I contradicting myself no I still have love for the pain causing individual, and will always love them but my pain goes in the hands of my loved one, so saying that love and pain go hand in hand, in a less then literal meaning.

The author's comments:
I had gone through a rough break up and needed to vent

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