Trophy Beauty

August 1, 2010
beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what about the mind? Now a days people are more into the physical features,almost like people aren't looking for anything but an empty shell, a trophy just to look at. What good is a trophy if not to collect dust. Is there any other purpose to a trophy if not to look at it. It can't make you laugh, or connect with you on a level so deep. And although they hold memories, those memories are limited, you can't really make new memories with it or reminisce and laugh with it about all the stuff you did with it. You can't tell it your hopes and dreams, your fears or weaknesses. It will never appreciate your faults and love you more for it. It's plastic, shallow, and just a pretty face. Like beauty, if it has nothing to complement it, it will rust and become a memory you vaguely remember. Beauty will slip away from your fingers but a truly genuine person, a wonderful person is ageless with an immortal beauty of it's own. Like a chocolate covered cherry, even though the chocolate melted you still have the cherry in the center.

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