July 30, 2010
Marriage. Sometimes marriage runs across my mind at times. When I’m taking a shower, watching some pathetic sitcom, or just typing away at my computer. For some reason marriage always comes to mind when I think about how sick the world has become. Well, what is Marriage? Commitment to a significant other? Requited love? Maybe. Who takes it seriously? I feel that I do, sometimes. But at times I think is it just another installment put into the bible to forcing us to be monogamous. Or is it something more? Like love. Is it really love?

What is love? Does it even exist? I can’t imagine caring for someone so much it ‘hurts’. How can it hurt to love? And is it even true, that really, ‘All you need is love’. In some people’s opinion The Beatles were very wise but, I’m not quiet sure if I believe them. And if there really is love…Where do you get it? How do I find it? DO I deserve it? I mean it can’t be THAT hard to find. Can it? There’s so many people in the world. There’s got to be someone for everyone. Right? But when you find that someone…does the love you found, last? And for how long? These thing I want to know.

But I feel like I’ve fallen off track. I know. But again I ask. What is marriage? Will I have a marriage that actually lasts? Will you? Will either of us? I realize I’ve asked more questions, than answered, but really, think about this, the most important question. What is love? Do you know?

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moonpetal said...
Aug. 3, 2010 at 5:35 pm
I love your comment XD Uhm,  the work was interesting. :) Ok you sound like you want a awnser yes? Mine as good as the next guys (persons) but here is what I think sorta. I think you meet that person beacause stuff just happens for a reson- like idk say you and your friend both have the same middle name. Little cowincidences (spelled that way wrong heh sorry) but little stuff like that kinda proves it. To me anyway. So you meet this person and you know you just do. Like say... You just know... (more »)
booksamillion replied...
Aug. 4, 2010 at 9:03 pm
Wow, thats for answering my questions. Your awnsers were all very insight for and made me think a bit more which is one of the big reasons I wrote it. so people would think. you helped alot. and as for your question, I don't think you can't honestly answer that question unless you've been inlove and I haven't but I'll tell the world when I am. Ranting it fun. :D
moonpetal replied...
Aug. 5, 2010 at 6:17 am
Hah your welcome, nice to make people think. lol it's really funny when it makes thier head hurt XD Glad I could help. Yeah... IDK if  I am or not kinda silly really. I think so but then again everyones like "yeah well you're just a teen your just day dreaming"... So my feelings are day dreams? Thanks very helpful person NOT. I hope it is not to far away for you the love thing. Hah I can tell you will :D I know right? Ranting is fun XD
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