Global Disparity

July 27, 2010
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On our diverse planet, there are many nations with varying situations, which range from having too much power and wealth at their disposal, to almost none at all. This inequality is a topic known best in our world as ‘global disparity’, and exists due to the uneven distribution of wealth, inhumane dividends of items and services essential to life, and the overall nature of human greed and ignorance. Firstly, the unfair distribution of wealth around the world causes many serious problems. Money is absolutely necessary in order for developing nations to be able to provide their people with the means to survive, and yet we developed nations, whose people already live excellent lives, continue to become wealthier and more powerful. Most developed nations do not give the advised minimum of 0.7% of their GNP’s to nations in need, and since money is a bartering item in which many places desperately lack , the citizens of those neglected nations now live in hopeless poverty. Secondly, the items and services which are essential to human life are being unfairly allocated amongst nations. Besides the fact that many people around the world do not have access to things like clean drinking water, substantial food sources and affordable housing, things like effective health care and progressive education systems are also lacking in most developing countries. Human rights are preached day after day by developed nations, and yet they fail to see the problem in their own actions; that they aren’t even helping the cause in which they speak so largely of, which is the reason why people in third world countries do not receive the same care as we do. Lastly, the ignorance and greed of our Earth’s people has led to serious consequences in the past, and it is no different in these modern times. People typically tend to have the mentality that only the strongest survive, and that we must fend for only ourselves, but that does not mean that once we’re stable, we can’t aid the less fortunate. The fact that people tend to disregard those below us in social stature, is very upsetting, because it shows that even though people have the ability to make the world a better place, they choose not to, to only fill their lives with superficial happiness, instead of helping to provide others with the essentials of life, which we take for granted each and every day. The inequality and disregard which most people show to the less fortunate is the very reason why such global disparity exists to this day, and can only be reduced, if developed nations, along with the UN, take notice of what can be done to rid the world of such inhumane issues.

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M_12_5 said...
Aug. 6, 2010 at 12:10 pm

I loved this article! Excellent use of vocabulary and facts. This really opened my eyes to the issues in our world.

Great Job! :)

Ace123 replied...
Aug. 26, 2010 at 10:33 am
Thank you! The purpose of this piece was to inform people of the true wrong doings that are taking place around the world, each and every day.
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