July 21, 2010
By , Miami, FL
When we were all kids we were ignorant but happy. I remember when i was 10 and I didn't know one bad word or how bad the rest of the world out there was. All I had to do was go to school, watch TV, and have fun. Where has the world gotten now... when a kid could didn't know what crap meant or wasn't so selfish. I was at church one day and a little kid dissed this guy and continued playing with her little iphone, itouch ,i....... whatever the heck its called. A five year old kid explained what something i don't want to discuss meant. That was just disturbing 0.o I read this book for class about the Greek Myths. Prometheus, a young titan, asked Zeus "O thunderer, I do not understand your design. You have caused the race of man to appear on Earth, but you keep him in ignorance and darkness." "What you call ignorance is innocence. What you call darkness is the shadow of my decree. Man is happy now. And he is so framed that he will remain happy unless someone persuades him that he is unhappy, "Zeus said.
Sometimes it is better to live in ignorance...
I miss the time in which I was a kid and the Earth was a beautiful place with nothing in my mind could hurt me. Bring back the darkness and ignorance please or the world is going to destroy itself one day with a deep poison of pride and selfishness.

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