Self- Help Books Are Overrated

July 20, 2010
By Anonymous

here are thousands, maybe millions, of self help books. They all say the same. "Love Yourself." "Only you can help yourself out of your mess."
The thing that bothers me about this is that, we should all know this. Deep inside, when we are depressed, there is a little voice saying what we should be doing.
We should stand up, and face the world as it is. Because this isn't, and won't be, the last time we get hurt. That feeling, and voice, is there for everytime
we have a doubt. We are human beings. We are smart enough to know when we are hurt, happy, content. So why does so many people push all that knowledge away,
just to have someone else confirm what we already know. We become dependent on other people's opinion on how to live our life. It's like those teenagers in highschool,
that say they never had a happy moment in their life. Yes they have! They probably have them everyday. The reason they say that is so that someone else can say,
"I'll be the person that randomly comes in your life, to make you happy." Then when that person leaves, they continue to say they never had a happy moment.
Waiting for the next person to come in their life. I understand the need to feel as if you are not alone, but when you're dependent, it becomes sad. My mother left,
my boyfriend dumped me, i have to completely rearrange my life. It does not take a therapist to see that my annoyance with people, is because i'm afraid they will
all leave me. Nor i, or any blue ribbon author out there, should tell you the key goals in which you have to aquire to be happy. In the end, you just bought a book
that hundrens of people also did, just to solve each others life. The authors method helped the author. Your method will help You.
(And no, I did NOT mean to write this like a self-help book. More like a ruin awakening (: )

The author's comments:
I've read countless of books, been to many therapists, and finally discovered, it's all about me.

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