Flies and People Have Something in Common

July 20, 2010
By tnwarren12 BRONZE, Canyon Lake, Texas
tnwarren12 BRONZE, Canyon Lake, Texas
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I’ve been sitting here for the longest time full of ideas, but cannot think of anything to write. At this very moment I’m as far north as I’ve ever been, I’m in little Winnfield, Louisiana. Ive been watching a blue fly stupidly fly(yes it’s blue, I’m not on anything) into the window, right next to the open door, time after time. The poor fly probably is having a heart attack. I think I’ll name the fly Buster. So Buster is flying into the window, all he has to do is fly back at least three more inches and see the open door and fly out, but he is so fixated on getting out this way he can’t see the full perspective. If you observe people, it’s the same way. We are all running into the glass window time after time, not seeing the open door three inches to our left.

I tired helping Buster, but he ran from my hand. Isn’t that the case with most people though? Their afraid of help, they can’t see that their only hurting their selves. We are afraid of admitting our wrongs so we continue to live in denial. “no I am not pacing around a window pane” the fly is thinking “I’m helping myself, leave me alone big white hand”. We, like the fly, will cover every square inch, every single micro milometer or the glass window before it will admit we are wrong.

So as of now the fly has found a nice place on the window seal along with about 9 other dead flies. Buster, as it seems, has given up. After an hour of running into the window and pacing around the glass, poor old stupid Buster has given up on getting through. Like Buster, we give up so easily it seems. When all we had to do was back up a few inches, look to our right and see the open door. Its not like we are looking for a worm hole in outer space. Goodness people…I mean flies.

I walked away from the fly and the window for awhile, when I returned to the window poor old stupid Buster had been hit with the swatter. The poor thing never got out to the pretty sun. Buster’s life was claimed before he had the chance to fulfill his life. Just like people. We spend our whole life trying to get through the window forgetting everything else we needed to do in life and when the fly swatter comes around we suddenly see the door, but its too late. SWAT, you’re a goner.

So the moral to the story is, don’t spend your life trying to get through the glass window. Its solid, duh, your not getting through. Back up and see the whole view and not just what is in your immediate vision and perspective. There is more to the picture than what you see. Oh and avoid fly swatters.

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