July 19, 2010
By Katresa GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
Katresa GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
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we have been called humans but that is no excuse for the things that we and the actions we make. We are our own minds and souls and what you do makes up you. The choices you make give you a title not the excuses you take.

I sit outside and wonder and think. I let the sounds feel my head and the breeze fan my hair. My thoughts bounce around and I sit and ponder about this place we all call home. This place of hate and arguments, of abuse and violence, of love and laughter; and I think what is this place, what is it’s point, and why must we all endure in its constant pain and suffering and some happiness. Yes some may call this home but this place is just an experience and a story to add to more stories for years to come. It is temporary, it is nothing but a place where days go by and people cry and laugh and carry on in what they call their normal way of living. I sit here and ask myself why? Why must we endure this? Why cannot there be a better way of living without pain? There is but let me explain…
Hate, love, sadness, bickering, torment, pain, anger, defeat, and joy are all a part of this world that we live in and every day there are people who endure in more than others. But why you ask? Well because there are people who don’t care or who are too stubborn to say anything. Ladies and gentle men we live in a world where something is either black or white, no gray, just plain black and white. Let me explain… a circle and a line; one moving round and looking every which way and the other moving and only looking forward. This is one of the major differences in people today. One group chooses to look forward and go in a line a chooses to not rely on assumptions while the other chooses to look every which way to make sure they know exactly what’s happening and choose to rely on assumptions and when something that surprises them starts to happen they go haywire and don’t know what to do. That’s where we stand ladies and gentlemen, we stand in a whole society where either you rely on judgment and assumptions to run your life or you choose to make your life a success and move forward and not look back.

Byrd Baggett says “Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror.” This quote refers to looking at a situation trough the front and moving forward rather than looking to the back and living by it to make sure you know where you’re going. One group of people choose to live by walking in a circle and going from present to future to past and repeating the cycle all over again. People live by the past to write it down in the present to make assumptions about it in the future. They walk in this circle and look every which way living by the past so they know exactly what’s going to happen and these action and their reaction to what happens as a result of their actions hurts everyone around them. An example of this is when people say that emotions are just a part of their human body functions and they can’t handle it it’s not their fault it just happens, “I just get so upset.” This is true but just as Charles R. Swindoll says “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” So it is not that it is just a human body reaction, no, it is the matter of what the situation is and how you handle it. Just because you are mad does not mean it is okay to yell and scream just because you think it is just the way you feel and you can do it because just human nature. Just like when people walk around in that circle and when something happens that they didn’t expect they go ballistic and think wait now just calm down will just fix it, well heads up buddy just as John W. Gardner says “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.” Which means you can’t just automatically get an eraser and expect everything to be alright. Just like we are in a depression right now is because so much can be avoided but people choose to look around and walk in that circle and don’t see anything else. Maybe if people would stop assuming and just walk in a straight line instead of just around they would get somewhere and make new history instead of just waiting around for something to happen, instead of living in the past and go by the past to make your future to see what’s going to happen they walk in a straight line and move forward. The do not assume, they do not live by or walk in the past they walk in their present to get to their future so that they will never go back to the past and they learn from history because walking in a circle will just get you back where you were not where you’re going. People choose to do this and they choose oh well either its good or bad it cannot be both you cannot have it to a good experience and a bad. It is not maybe it is yes or no, period. Well ladies and gentle men we do have a choice everybody does but stupid idiotic people in this world either like to go backwards or forwards or look at things black or white and cannot see that sometimes it maybe grey or that you need to move forward instead of relying on the past because you just keep going in circles. So yes ladies and gentlemen we do have a choice but people they either see the wrong and don’t fix it and stand up for what’s right or they do and everything goes well. But some people are just scared of what others might say. Really people come on this is 2010 no one gives a care and if they do that’s their problem because they shouldn’t and you shouldn’t either. If something happens brush it off if you get something wrong don’t’ worry about it because in the end it is not going to matter.
This world has one name too it and it is reality and in reality all of the above apply so if you ask someone what do you think reality is, well let’s just say it’s like this ‘think of life not just by the way you see it but the whole picture underneath and all around, make your choice by what matters most to you and not what other people think because reality is just what we as people do instead a defined definition that some book or genius tells you.’

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