Is Time On Your Side?

June 30, 2010
By Cupcakecutielol PLATINUM, Elkton,MD, Maryland
Cupcakecutielol PLATINUM, Elkton,MD, Maryland
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"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on." -Henry Ellis

Have you ever noticed how in time. The seconds go down as the minutes go up. and then it starts all over again. Just continuing forever. As the same twelve hours repeat. Just waiting for something. Time continues always. That's one thing that is consistant. When you look at the time it determines where u are and when. What your doing and when. All at the right timing. Time to be waited on or time to waste. Time to kill and time to pace. Maybe I will never know what it's like to have someone to love and care about so much that your feelings can't be tamed. I don't even know how to explain a lot of things yet because most of the time they're things I've never felt before. Things I've never had to deal with. It feels like no one will ever know who I really am. No support from friends. No encouragment to keep going because there will always be time on your side. You may not be able to change the past but you can change the future. Though thats another thing to think about. I truly think things happen the way they do because if we were to have time travel and change the past; the present and future would be different. And that difference is what could make the future go for worse. If time isn't ment to be fooled with then don't fool with it at all because things must happen for a reson if that's what "they" say. Everything poeple tell you about life has to be true somehow. There must be loop holes or people to reach out to. Even if it feels like where you're at isn't where you're ment to be, or who you're ment to be with. The people you're surrounded by simply their appearences. Looks might fool you though talents might surprize you. You should take advantage of everything that happens and be yourself. If everyone were to be themselves and know difference is for the better. Than the world would go round more easily and people would get along more easily. Things may seem simple now but they can go wrong very fast and uncontrolably. And time may be turning the wrong way because it seems like your life may be going in the wrong direction too.. almost as if the clock were to go counter clock wise. And I may not know the answer to a lot of questions right now but one thing I do know is I don't need to be with people that make me feel bad about myself and make things worse. Why should I waste my time on people who are wasting theirs?

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