So what!

July 14, 2010
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I want to scream! Shout and cry all at the same time! I’ve been called names since I could remember and because of it, I haven’t had that popular girl image, but guess what. I could really give a damn! Be who you are for you and don’t ever let people make decisions for you! If you think I’m crazy, think about how insane you look every time you react to someone calling you a ‘loser’ or ‘fat!’ It shouldn’t matter what people say about you, what should matter is how you perceive yourself. Don’t let others judge you because only God can and don’t let people make fun of you and don’t you dare cry about it! Instead, let it out in whatever you love doing! Stick up the middle finger if you have to and say SO WHAT! I AM WHO I WANT TO BE. And, everything after that will pretty much fall into place...

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