Outside Looking In

July 6, 2010
We pass eachother eachday. In the halls, during P.E, at the pool, in the mall. We take a quick glance at eachother, then walk away as if we are strangers. Of course, you have it all, as some would call it. But I wonder if you ever miss our dorky phone calls, or crazy inside jokes, or us sneaking out to go to that party that everyone was talking about, each time we pass eachother..I wonder if you ever think that maybe the pain, the loneliness, and the humiliation is all worth the popularity. We've both been growing up, and moving forward..and if there is one peice of advice I could offer you at the moment, it would be Risking it all the way you want, is better then risking nothing..hiding behind someone who will never accept you. One day, you will realize who you are, and what matters to you. Like I did the day I left, but I just hope you know..I'm still here. I'm still here waiting for you.

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