How Can I Apply the Golden Rule?

June 29, 2010
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Catchy slogans do not often stress the Golden Rule, which is: treat others how you wish to be treated, although, I believe, it is by far the most important rule. Three places that I could utilize the Golden Rule are my school, my community, and at my home. At school I could apply the rule by being kind and respectful to classmates, friends, teachers, and faculty or staff. In my community I should never judge a person for any reason. At home the rule would mean helping everyone and/or treating them kindly. We can all apply the rule anywhere at anytime.

In my community, I will bring to mind that every person is equal to me. This means I should treat them how I choose to be treated. I will be polite to everybody, and always have a positive attitude. In addition I cannot ever critisize anybody. In after school activities, I will not try to be the best and only my best. And most importantly, I will never judge a person.

In school not everyone are friends. We all know that. To be sure that the Golden Rule pertains to school, I will be sincere to everyone, even students that I may not be friends with. I will never deny anybody for any reason. I can help a classmate that may not understand an assignment. I choose to always speak to teachers kindly, while using yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, and no sir to answer a question. And very importantly I will not interrupt. I can change the way others see me as a person and how I see myself by remembering the meaning of this rule.

In my home I will remember that the Golden Rule still is to be used. I will help my family in every possible way I can. I will show how much I care for the people in my family, and continue to be respectful. I could also use a calm and polite tone when talking to family members. I vow to not at any time show boredom when being spoken to. I will show how I want to be treated and treat others the same way.

The Golden Rule is the key to friendship and good behavior. I vow to always use the Golden Rule. I will use the rule in my community, my school, and my home and family. Treating a person badly can have a very real impact on a person's life, so after learning more about what I can do to apply the rule, I have found that the key word for the Golden Rule is "respect". And to a person that could be the most affective aspect. Now I know what I can do to assure myself that I am being polite to everyone I am around.

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autumntate2015 said...
Jul. 7, 2010 at 9:25 pm
Deffinately not my best writing. But, it was one of the first things I wrote when i began to write. Comment(:
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