Move On, Just Move On

June 28, 2010
By didonrooney SILVER, Le Bardo, New York
didonrooney SILVER, Le Bardo, New York
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Feeling that everything is over between you two who once were in love, doesn’t really mean that everything is over …it only means that you are a great liar, who’s not only lying to himself but also lying to the others, and who’s capable of convincing himself with unreal facts that once in your mind made a lot more sense…because it is never over between a couple no matter how clever might seem your explanations and how hard you’ve tried to persuade yourself that braking up is for the best…and how much you tried not to cry in front of the mirror…or to hold your tears when you remember a funny incident that happened between you two..or just remember the way he laughs the way he cries the way he gets angry and most importantly the way you feel when you are around him…these things are not to forget no matter how hard we try…things are not the same when a couple brake up you’ll always feel that empty spot in your heart that used to be filled with him…you’ll always miss his voice, his laughs, the way he treats you and that moment that you lay down thinking that everything is all right and nothing could go wrong… a word you’ll always miss him… and the reasons that you create to make the pain go away will never make a change…going on is the answer…moving on is what will ease the pain…trying to forget will only make you remember...and the way to smoothens the harmed soul of both of you is to move on try to find another one that will try his best to fulfill the empty space that was left damaged in your heart…..move on people…don’t look back just move on….

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