June 22, 2010
By didonrooney SILVER, Le Bardo, New York
didonrooney SILVER, Le Bardo, New York
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Memories….are what we remember after all forgetting..we sometimes say deep down when we experience a bad event that this memory is to forget…however deep deep down we know that we’re incapable of forgetting…it is something that I can’t explain..but I’ll try anyway…we always forget the day that we learned to ride the bike..but ironically we remember the day that we first fell out of the bike..When we walk by the primary school that we used to go to..we never remember the day that we first got recompensed buy our teacher for our serious and hard work..But ironically we remember the day that we first been told off by him and got humiliated in front of all the class, we never remember the day that you hooked up with a dude however you remember precisely every word that he said when he broke up with you …we never remember the first time we got on w swing however we remember the first time we fell from’s always the bad memories that stick to our minds and never get erased no matter how hard we try to forget it…it is something that we call in French “la régle du jeux” or what we call the rule of the game….either you remember all of the memories the bad and good…either you don’t remember that case you’re ill and you should go see a doctor ? I think you got the picture..i think by saying this memory is to forget we make it inerasable we just make it stick to our head even more then what it used to be…it is our instinct to reserve the bad events that happened to us in order to protect ourselves in a way or another…to learn from our mistakes so that we stop feeling vulnerable, it’s the bad memories that keep us going…that make us happy about what we’ve accomplished so far, to make us go ,keep going and never stop believing in us never underestimating ourselves and never thinking of letting our dreams go…memories are everything in our lives the good ones make us get cheered up when we are upset, and the bad ones as I already said make us go forward and start thinking of a new way to get ahead…so we should never say this memory is to forget no matter how horrible it could be…we always should say…yeah this been a terrible horrible event I’ll reserve it in my mind and I’ll use it to make myself remember not to experience it again…

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