Basking in the Luxury of Poverty

June 16, 2010
By CourtneyC GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
CourtneyC GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Imagine a world where no one lived on the streets. Poverty and starvation would be abolished, creating a world with lower crime and death rates. Today, while children are living in boxes in alleys with no food, actors and basketball players live in vast estates and hire servants to work for them. Those who are innocent and have no choice of income—children—are starving, while others live in extravagance and languor. If all citizens had similar wages or wealthy people shared their money to help the poor, the country would become more prosperous. The rapidly widening gap between rich and poor leaves families and children living on the streets, while other people bask in luxury and wealth.

In a country run by money, wealth is given to those who entertain us—talk show hosts and football players—and vital jobs such as teachers are paid less. The United States of America has their priorities wrong. While children are living on the streets and cannot afford food, Paris Hilton sits in her mansion having servants do her work for her. There is a major ethical violation through the mistreatment of children and human beings as well as an increased death rate. Some people can bask in wealth while other flounder in poverty. How is the vast amount of people living on the streets without the necessities to live tolerated?

When thinking of this ethical issue, I feel disgust, shock, and concern. I am disgusted that other human beings would treat fellow humans badly. They allow them to live on the
streets, freezing to death in a box, or starving. There is no care in the world for the wellbeing of others. I am shocked at how uncaring society has become. The gap between rich and poor is rapidly widening, wiping away the average middle class. I have concern for those people who are living on the streets and cannot feed their families. The expanding breach between affluent and deprived families causes more people to be struggling, and less people in the middle. Also, the number of children who die each year from starvation increases with higher poverty rates. The United States needs to reach out and show empathy for others.

People in the country are involved in this violation. They keep all of their wealth to themselves, not sharing it with others in need. Citizens could donate money, or volunteer their time to help others. They buy unnecessary luxuries such as wide screen televisions instead of donating money to people who need to buy food for their families. People justify this because they blame a person’s poverty on the individual. They refuse to help since it is the fault of those who are living in poverty. Or they may not know the person, not wanting to help a stranger. In general, there is a lack of care in the United States for other people around us.

Citizens of the United States need to take action. People can stop spending money on luxury items. They can donate extra money to those in need instead of buying a new video game. Also, they can volunteer at Soup Kitchens or Homeless Shelters. Time is a great way to show your concern and to help others. If we could lower the rate of poverty and starving children, the United States could be a unified country once again.

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samiroejo said...
on Jun. 26 2010 at 4:50 am
Your words are exact on what our county has become.  Greed and the need to have more,  seems to be all that anyone ever cares about thee days.  Instead of helping our fellow man, we simply help our favorite actor or actoress get richer.  We're suppose to be the country everyone  else in the world looks up to, yet we can't seem to look up to eachother for support

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