Finding the Answer

May 28, 2010
Life is full of such awful things; death, disease, famine, suicide, homicide, natural disasters, and so much more. Sometimes I wonder what the point of it all is. Why would people live to suffer and feel pain? This question reminds me of a song on my iPod. It talks about how life is full of awful things, but love will set us free. I get what the artist is trying to say, but the wording is incorrect. Nothing can set us free from all the torturous aspects of life, they can only distract us. We live to love. Everyone needs a passion, a reason to keep going. But what if that passion dies? What if it is ripped out from our finger tips? Love holds the heart together. Without love there is just a seeping hole in our hearts, leaking a thick, crimson, blood, soaking the pours of our skin. Whenever we touch something, the blood sticks to whatever our skin brushes against. Constantly reminding us of our bleeding heart, of what we were forced to leave behind. So is it worth it? Is loving something or someone so passionately worth loosing it the next day, and never being able to find it again? It has to be, if it was not, then no one would have a reason to live. So we live for a moment of love, a moment to keep fighting against disaster and pain. Maybe, just maybe, this moment can last us our lifetime. Or it could last only a second, and cause us to suffer for the rest of our lives. Perhaps this is why life is worth living, just the satisfaction of finding the answer.

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