May 25, 2010
By tatyana jones BRONZE, Westminster, California
tatyana jones BRONZE, Westminster, California
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Music is an amazing sound to listen to. For some people it calms them down by when they listen to music everything on their mind goes away. Also for some people music can get annoying either because it’s too loud or they don’t understand what the song means. Too many people music is just words put in a song with a beat. Music can be used for many emotions or many different ways to entertain you. When kids or adults are in a depressed, happy, or angry mood music is always a good thing to listen to because you don’t think about what makes you in your mood, all you think about is what the song is saying. Clearing your mind from problems is always a hard thing to do. Even though you tell people your okay inside your really not. Having a long day at work or school, need to relax, listen to music and get everything off your mind. Even if someone doesn’t like music they always have their favorite song that they know all the words to or they love a lot. Every day music gets listened to because music is more like a style.
Music is like a style because there are different types of beats such as, rock, hip pop, r&b, metal, etc. Songs have different emotions just like humans. A slow song usually has deep lyrics. Fast songs are usually more beats and are rap. To me music is an important part in my life. Without music I don’t know what I would do on my free time. Personally music calms me down especially when I’m in a bad mood. The only reason it calms me down and gets me in a better mood is because I don’t think about anything except what the lyrics mean.

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