Are You REALLY Happy?

April 13, 2010
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Happiness doesn’t really mean having what you want or having what you need. It is neither having a seemingly perfect relationship nor being the perfect person in this world. And no, it has nothing to do with perfection, and in fact, real happiness is what we call¬¬ loving beyond imperfection.

It is a natural behavior of us humans to hate a person who has done something wrong. We tend to despise those who hurt our feelings. Upon loathing a person, our heart takes in the feeling of grudge, hate, dislike and all negative feelings. This taking-in of negative feeling ensue to the decline and weakening of our heart. However, have we already realized what could possibly happen when we reverse the situation? What if we take in love instead of grudge? What if we love our enemies instead of hating them? Isn’t it better not only for our heart but also for the others’?

Yes, we all know that loving those we hate hurts us, that forgiving them upsets us, that accepting them offends us. But think about it. Is it worthy? Is it better to love them in spite of the insulting feeling of forgiveness than to hate them which drains all the good feelings in our hearts and replaces it with sadness, grudge, hatred and anger?

Another attitude of us is the ignorance of the people we do not know or those who aren’t related to us. We often neglect those guttersnipes begging for our help, those public workers helping us frequently, those acquaintances keeping us company when our friends turn us down, and all of the people surrounding us. We may not admit it verbally but we all know that we pay no attention to them. Yes, we do not hate them, but we do not love them either. We don’t even think they exist.

Now, if we really want to be truly happy, let us love everyone around us. Let us love those who hurt us, those whom we hate, those who doesn’t care for us. Let us fill our hearts with love and surely, what we would feel will not be hatred and anger but real happiness.

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