Born of Broken Men

June 6, 2010
By EricaLynnMarie BRONZE, Centerton, Arkansas
EricaLynnMarie BRONZE, Centerton, Arkansas
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"Happiness isn't an act of the mind, or the works of the outside world, but rather the makings of ones own self" -Me!

We are all born of broken me; derived from either the joys or mistakes of man. Born for the rebirth, or the new generation of mankind, ‘built’ to continue in this world what was started centuries ago. We start from nothing and grow into person who, believes as his fathers before him did, that in order to have a good future, you must carve your past into your future. Its deliberate, we all believe that who we are today is because of what we’ve past learned, yet at the same time, this is completely involuntary. With all of man, this becomes a sequence, and when we get drawn to a pattern it equips us; giving us everything we need in order to live a ‘successful’ life—we break. We lose our morals and everything we believed in, because we found an easier way around life; a back way. We get accustomed to this same alteration and we lose ourselves. And it happens over again, we bore children and we try to raise them and teach them what we know, but at the same time, we’re trying to hold up our already broken walls. Not wanted our children to endure the same thing, yet we continue to teach them what we were taught; only worsening things.
We are the accidental reason that we purposefully throw our lives away every day, and still we try to build on that, not realizing that if we just let those walls fall we can actually start picking our self up off the ground. Barriers are not needed to live, yet we keep them, mistaking them for some sort of protection, and in the end, the ‘protection’ is what will fall on us. As idiots, we allow life to continue to walk over us and we ignore it as if we have a book telling us how to live. We think we know how to walk without touching the ground, and jump without using our legs, and that’s actually what keeps us from breaking. The belief that we are stronger than we appear to be on the outside is what holds us together and we manage to overcome all else.
We as people are all alike; outside we are able to be judged. Whether by appearance, or attitude, we are judged and we’re given a title, true or not. And once there is another who presents themselves the way we do, they are given that same title. But inside, there is a world of difference between love and hatred; black and white. And we’re than individually given a ‘title, which counteracts the original one, because maybe our personality is completely different. Yet, somehow we are still all the same. We all judge the same, specify the same, and question the same things. We are one. All of us were given the same ‘set of stairs’ in live. Not one person has a special stairway leading anywhere different, we just don’t all stop walking up those stairs at the same time, which than puts some of us a little, or even miles ahead of others. And by God, that is more than truth.
None of us actually realize how alike we are, because we are one, as a whole, yet our individuality is set forth and we take over ourselves, separation our self from the world and all others. Easily we begin to stand out, we have no way to justify our difference other than the fact that we believe we are better and were made to emerge; we will grow stronger and project our self past obvious eyes. We become one person, but we make our mind believe that it can do much more than God gave one man the ability to do, and we start trying to fulfill the dreams and goals of many. Every day we dream about making the difference, changing the world alone—trying to master the job of many hands. Driven forth, because we think no one, but ourselves, is trying to positively change the world. The determination that grows on us and pushes us becomes very substantial when we’re looked at and judged on how well we will do. Burning our minds and throwing aside what we’ve past learned and trying to make a ‘revolution,’ so to speak. Though, that is a nice ambition, but it’s one that is hardly logically thought through, because we don’t realize our self alone is nothing. Yet still, we put our faith into this because we hope we can. And hope is the one thing that keeps any bit of faith alive; we just believe we can do this and we are made to be better, and go head first into life, without a second glance back.
Everyday we deprive the brilliant minds of our time of their intelligence, and try to outwit them, because we feel as if they do little to help our bigger issues. Setting our self up to differ from those we naturally relate to, we’re no better, yet we’re given one foot, and attempt to stretch that one foot an entire mile. We have tried; compared our self to many others, well attempted, anyways, but it was always extremely complex, because we feel as if we’re equip to handle more and discover and get rid up larger issues on our own. Through every obstacle we faced, and self loathing fights, at the end up the day, our feet our still planted flat on the ground, while everyone else is below us, trying to figure out how to pick themselves up. We don’t exactly progress physically, but mentally we’ve convinced our minds that we’re ahead of the game; life. Which, than we start downgrading our peers for what we feel they lack in life and we continue to fly ahead, occasionally turning around to back those behind us.
But at the end of the day, we find ourselves in a world of confusion when we come out last. Behind the weakest, we become the weakest, and don’t understand how within a blink of an eye, we lose everything we worked for. The biggest mistake we made was making our self believe that we were flawless and incapable of doing wrong. The front we put on is initially what hurt us in the end. And we begin to cry of our broken ways. Understanding that we tried to fight, but our backs were turned throughout it. Turned on the world, turned on the ones we mirror, turned on ourselves. And we fall. We were the only one standing before, and now, somehow we’re the only one unable to walk. Mentally handicapped by life itself; we become broken, because of our own ways. We become a broke man, trying to find ourselves in the midst of our own mess. And again, like all the others, we fit in, become look-alikes—because everyday, someone goes through this same struggle with life, and at some point in time, we all find ourselves with that in our past. Starting to build a new future; but forgetting to teach our children any different and the cycle continues; more broken men, and we all can reflect.

The author's comments:
Life takes its toll on a lot of us, and we let it, but we feel as if we have it more under control than the next, because we're naturally egotistickle like that. And this will never change, its been going on far too long for anything to change, but maybe if more people understand what they are doing it, before they end up on the ground, they'll watch a little closer and think a little better. But probably not, I highly doubt it, because we are only human. [This has nothing to do with the above, but(i also wrote the thing Close your eyes, and ask yourself, read that please)comment and rate]

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