Being yourself is the best part of you

May 20, 2010
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Five years, a changed me, a changed life. The human thing to do was judge her, but I couldn’t. She had no ugly side. So I found her faults, has straight C’s, and was pigeon toed. Would finding faults about her make me better? No, but it makes me feel superior to her.

It all started in the third grade. I liked this guy. He liked a girl. She was different than me. She was prettier. She made me feel inferior to her. Her hair was as golden as the shiniest gold in the world. Her eyes were as blue as the sea in the Bahamas. She also had better clothes than me. As soon as I found out he liked her she became my adversary. All my friends told me that I had to change my whole wardrobe to make him like me. I went home and told my mom. Of course she told me that I should just be myself, but I didn’t listen. The next day I wore jeans and a shirt, what I would usually. Instead, I had a plan. Although I was reluctant, I went up to him. I soon had found out that he didn’t like me. He told me he didn’t like my clothes. I told my mom and she told me not till next year, but I told her it will be to late. I changed a lot by that one moment. I thought that I wasn’t good enough for people. I said goodbye to 3rd grade, but hello to new problems.

Then it happened again in 4th grade. I got all new clothes from Kohl’s. Back then Kohl’s wasn’t the most popular store, but it still had nice clothes. Although it still wasn’t what he liked. Although I got many compliments. Like “you look so nice” and “I wish I had your clothes”. If it wasn’t from him those compliments didn’t matter, because I couldn’t get him to like me. I decided to give up on him. I found another, he liked my clothes, but he didn’t like my hair. (Now that sounds like trouble) of course my mom said that I couldn’t change my hair, and I was upset. So that year I gave up on crushes. I changed a lot by that one moment. I said goodbye to 4th grade but hello to bigger problems.

It happened again in 5th, 6th, but those are just little changes. 7th grade had a big impact on me. I met this one girl. She cursed and talked dirty. I thought the only way to keep her as a friend, I had to change. I started to curse and talk dirty but my conscious told me that was wrong, instead I didn’t listen. My best friend since 6th grade didn’t like who I was becoming, so we slowly drifted away. I regretted departing from my best friend, but back then I didn’t care.

Sometimes I ask myself “Am I good enough for people?” “Do I need to change who I am for people to look me?” Then I look at my friends and I say to myself, “you got friends by just being you, you don’t need to change for anybody” Who cares if he didn’t like me. Who cares if he didn’t like my clothes? Who cares if he didn’t like my hair? I am me and I am happy being me. That’s why the best part of me is being myself.

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nishka26 said...
Nov. 10, 2011 at 8:55 am
hi.i really like it ,but my topic is on being myself...i need to write like my talents and why i like myself..pls help me out...
moomoocow said...
Jun. 17, 2011 at 5:50 pm
I love your story! I can relate to it so much! Its really inspiring. :)
ninjacupcake said...
Jun. 8, 2010 at 4:33 pm
Thxs for reading it :)
shes_a_tee_ex_babeh_899 said...
Jun. 5, 2010 at 8:37 pm
aw yay:] i liked this!!! nd ur story was pretty interesting, good job:DDD
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