May 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Love, four letters and pretty much indefinable, is something we all want and all hope for. But there’s another word like that. It has almost nothing to do with love, but it’s all as important. The problem; not many think of it. You want to know what that word is. I’ll tell you, it’s change.

A lot of people will tell me otherwise. Change is altering or transforming. Change is modifying or converting. But those are such simple terms for it, and nobody ever thinks too much about it. Everybody cares about it, but nobody pays attention to it. That’s because they don’t want any. They want everything in their lives to stay the same.

To those of you wanting nothing to do with change, you’re in for a real shocker. Because guess what? It’s eventually going to happen, whether you like it or not. Everything changes, no matter what you want to think or say. Everything changes, so don’t try and stop it.

Your friends might change. Some things might make them a better person. Some things might make them worse. And some things might be neither beneficial nor harmful. You just have to see how it goes. Sometimes, you just have to get used to the change. If they’re your best friend, why would you leave them for modifying their lifestyle? Maybe they like the new them, maybe it was time for something exciting and different. If you really are their true friend, you’ll stay with them the whole way through each phase of change. Grow up with them and change yourself, bring your friendship to a whole new level. Learn more about each other, and accept it.

Sometimes change might bring you and your friend apart. But you should just let it happen naturally. You cannot blame somebody for their change. Everything around them had to do with it, including you. Telling a person not to change is like telling the sun not to shine, or telling the rain not to fall. No matter how many times it is said not to, it will happen anyway.

The first step to change is accepting it. You can’t get anywhere in life if you don’t tolerate the change. But the next thing you need to do is admit it. Accepting it, is saying yes it does happen, but that’s certainly not admitting you change as well as others. Although you may accept it, you need to tell yourself yes, I have changed. And nobody and nothing can stop me from continuing. That is the true test of courage.

Half the people out there will accept and admit to their selves that change has happened. But then what does that show us? What about the other half of the people out there? That other half, they refuse to change. But somebody needs to bring them to reality. Refusing to change is like denying nature. It’s impossible not to change.

The truth is, none of you that refuse to change are really doing what you think. The bottom line, you’re not refusing to change, you’re refusing to admit that you already have, and will continue to change in the future too. If you’re refusing to change, then you should differ the way you think. Because I can bet you loads of people can prove your opinion wrong, and yes I do know the difference between fact and opinion. Your opinion is that you’re not changing. But there is proof. People all around have seen you become a different person. It’s lying through your teeth to say you haven’t changed.

I learned all of this in a few simple weeks. I was that one to get blamed for changing. My friend was the one who refused to change. But I must correct myself, because that friend is still today refusing to change. And that’s why I must make this right as well; my friend is no longer my friend. Not even mere acquaintances, because I tried something new. She still believes a lie that she told herself. A lie telling her she won’t change, because she wants it that way. And you my dear reader, I am hoping you are not thinking this way too.
I’m sorry to say. Not everything can go your way. In fact most things won’t. And that’s the realism of it all. Things will change. You can’t deny it, you can’t refuse it. To get on with this wonderful thing we call life, you must embrace the change. You must let yourself be who you want to be, and let no one blame you for wanting to stay true to yourself.
Change, six letters and hard to comprehend, is something we all get frightened by and all get anxious just thinking about. But some of us will accommodate it in its ways. Some of us will incorporate it in our lives. And those people that acknowledge and confess that change will and has happened to them; they are the ones to be leading the good life no matter what others think of them. Those people that reject the need for change, will transform without knowing it, and will just keep believing the falsehood that nothing will ever alter. But actually, it without a doubt, will.

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