Resting In Peace

May 18, 2010
By Emma Loo BRONZE, Cypress, Texas
Emma Loo BRONZE, Cypress, Texas
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Boom! A flash of lightning strikes! Russia, bombing the US because we do not have nuclear weapons, is now the lead in all nuclear superiority. America gave up their nuclear superiority because some people wanted world peace. Well now you rest in peace. This is what will happen if we, America were to give up our nuclear weapons and superiority. Our world we once knew will go into destruction if there is a slight imbalance in nuclear superiority. We need to keep nuclear weapons in stock and use them when there is no other option available, even though it may kill several lives, we must protect our own country. Today I will be dicussing why it is important to keep nuclear weapons in order to protect our countries’ men and women, to prevent future attacks from other countries, and keep our status as one of the most powerful nations around.
We need nuclear weapons in order to protect our own countries’ men and women. If we gave up our nuclear bombs, that gives the other countries the option to nuke us because they know we cannot fight back. Russia, England, France, China, North Korea, Pakistan, and India will all nuke us because we will not have nuclear power to fight back with. It is our president and army’s duty is to protect our country from others. But they would not be honoring their commitment if they were to get rid of nuclear weapons. How would you feel if you were left alone, unprotected in a world where several other countries had nuclear weapons? Afraid or completely terrified? Our country would go into a state of mind where we would fear just about anything because our country is no longer here to protect us like it was supposed to. Our country, all ready in an economic depression, would fall apart completely. How could you think to do this to your own country?
Second, we need nuclear weapons to make sure other countries would not bomb us. With nuclear weapons, other countries would be afraid of the US because they do not want to risk being nuked by the US because we have nuked a country before and will not hesitate. Without nuclear weapons, other countries would feel more powerful than the US and would have the confidence to bomb cities in the US. The countries would most likely bomb D.C. because it is where all of our government is based, New York because it is the main economic center of the US, and Houston because it is the medical center of the world. No government, no money, no medical assistance. Is this what President Obama plans for our country to come to? To fall on its knees? Obama needs to think of his country first before he starts to worry about others and needs to keep nuclear weapons.
Lastly, we need nuclear bombs because it is very important to make sure the US keeps its superiority. Having nuclear weapons makes the US almost as powerful as Russia, and we want the respect from other countries. They need to know who’s the boss. Do you want the US to seem like we are the dog on the short leash because we have to watch what we do because other countries have nukes? You can compare this to being in a relationship. If you’re the guy in the relationship, you want to make sure you are the boss of the relationship. You do not want to be “whipped”. When it comes to nuclear power, you need to be the boss because nuclear weapons are very dangerous and cause mass destruction. We also still need to be known as the one of the most powerful countries in the world. We need to make sure we are respected and powerful, not wimpy and whipped by other countries who tell us what we should and should not do.
Others might argue that nuclear weapons will take the lives of many civilians, but the truth is, is that death is inevitable in war. Death will happen and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. Some will also say that everyone will be affected by the radiation and die of cancer, but cancer can be treated and cured. Yes, people will have scars, but at least they are alive and not dead. If we keep nuclear weapons and make sure others do not bomb the US, then Houston will still be standing and will be capable of helping those affected by radiation. So in the long run, it is best off if we keep nuclear weapons, and it would be helping other countries cause those with radiation can be sent to Houston to get treatment.
In conclusion, it is vital that we keep nuclear weapons. We need to protect our own country, prevent future attacks from other counties, and keep our status as one of the most powerful countries around. Think of your own family, would you want to protect them from harm from others? The moral answer is yes. This is exactly what we need to think about when we make decisions about nuclear weapons. We need to keep nuclear weapons in stock and use them when there is no other option available, even though it may kill several lives, we must protect our own country. So the choice is simple and it is all up to you. Do you want to try to achieve world peace, or would you rather rest in peace?

The author's comments:
I strongly believe that it is vital to America that we keep nuclear weapons and not get rid of them like President Obama plans to.

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on Jun. 6 2010 at 8:59 am
you_are_awesome GOLD, London, Other
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if you're a bird, i'm a bird :)

well written article :)

-but i dont agree with it at all...


you suggest that in order to achieve world peace we should keep our weapons. As long as man has weapons he will want to use them. President Obama is disarming America in order to set a good example to other countries and show that there is no threat intended. The decreased threat will make the other countries feel safer and therefore, less likely to use their weapons. Without a need to use their weapons they are more likely to deactivate them- decreasing the risk of the USA and other countries being nuclear bombed.


you speak of countries as a whole "RUSSIA" "ENGLAND" etc. but you know that there are billions of innocent people in those countries, pacifists, people who would otherwise be your friends if they lived nextdoor. Keep your nuclear bombs to protect your family (about 20 people? a few more/less?) and fire them on the billions of innocent people. innocent people who would not wish to harm you in anyway. How could anyone in their right minds see a reason to bomb them?     


"several lives" ? - during the Cuban missile crisis there was enough power in a few nuclear weapons to destroy 80 million innocent people within minutes. That was in the 1960's, so 50 years on its likely that a few nuclear missiles could effectively wipe-out mankind and all other earthly creatures, without exaggerating. Nuclear weapons need to be destroyed- disarmament must be achieved.


Radiation victims to houston? - there will be Billions of them.



Death can be prevented in most cases- disarmament is how it can be prevented in this case.


For every person in the country which fired a nuclear warhead there is an innocent person in the victimised country dead.

That person didnt believe in nuclear weapons and now they "rest in peace" because of those who did.  


but still- well written article :)


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