Jocks and Preps

May 13, 2010
By morgan iverson SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
morgan iverson SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Welcome to Red, White and Blue, the halls of Arrowhead High School. Your head is held up high, hoping to make new friends. First hour rolls around at 7:20. People you don’t know are walking in. You feel excluded. Second hour rolls around at 8:04. Once again, you feel excluded and feel like you don’t belong. These are the hallways and classrooms of Arrowhead High School. The place where someone is left out everyday of the week. The jocks, cheerleaders, and preps all have their own clique while the band kids, smart kids, and emotional kids have another clique. The jocks walk down the hallways looking all manly making fun other cliques, while the smart kids walk down the hallways minding their own business.
The cliques that occur for no reason could ruin a student life. Some of these cliques started way back in middle school and continued to grow and get worse during the high school years. Cliques are horrible and do no good to anyone or anything. The so called popular kids think they can run the school and take charge of everyone and everything. Well they can’t. Everyone has equal rights in a high school setting no matter what clique they are apart of.
A student can send out a bomb threat to scare the jocks, preps, and cheerleaders. He has now ruined his whole life because of his choice in actions. The cliques didn’t know they were hurting him because he wasn’t showing the emotions during the school hours. He would go home and those emotions would come out. People in today’s society don’t know what they are doing to hurt others. Once you’re hurt, you’re hurt forever.
I knew a girl who got picked on in grade school for size, interests, maturity, and not having many friends. The girls she thought were her friends really weren’t. She would come home from school crying everyday, no one knew what to do, so she started to keep a dairy and the boys took it out of her grade school locker. They read through it and then handed it in to the principle. To this day, this 21 year old girl has self-esteem issues and cannot get over her past that her so called friends ruined. This girl is by far the best friend anyone could want.
Make a clique, break a friendship. Break a friendship, lose a best friend. Lose a best friend, become hated. Cliques are breaking and tearing people apart. Cliques make kids look foolish and ridiculous. Don’t be the one to ruin another’s life, don’t be the one to put others down. Don’t be the one to make fun of those who are in band, those who are nerds, and those who are smart. Be strong and stand up for what you believe in. Don’t let others ruin your grade school, middle school or high school life. It’s time to have fun and make new friends. Don’t join a clique that looks or sounds suspicious. Do what you want to do to and don’t let others change you for who you are.

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