May 13, 2010
By Ryan Magdic GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Ryan Magdic GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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My first day of high school was a very interesting day. There were so many kids I could even comprehend it. See I had come from a small school and switched to a new area in 8th grade to go to a better high school. So I didn’t really know many kids except the ones that I knew from 8th grade. The high school was huge. There were at least thousand kids in there and I was used to about a hundred. People started forming cliques and groups of friends on the first day. I wanted to join in on one, but I didn’t know which one to join. At first I just looked for some friends I had from 8th grade. It took a while moving through all the kids, but I finally found them. I saw that they were with some kids I didn’t know. They introduced me to them, and they were what I would consider the alternative kids. We hung out at school and I had some good times, but then football started and I started hanging with the popular jocks. My other friends didn’t really like that so we stopped hanging out with each other. I haven’t really talked to them since then and I am a senior and that was freshman year. I don’t know why we haven’t talked but now that I think about it that’s pretty dumb of us. So now I hang out with all the football kids. It is such a large group of kids. When we would go somewhere it would be ten to fifteen kids at one house, but after awhile we split up into small groups of five or six. I stayed with that group until we moved up to the north campus. Yes we have two campuses. Freshman and sophomores are at south campus, and juniors and seniors are at north. When I got to north campus I had some kids in my class that I became really good friends with. This time though I didn’t end the friendship with my football friends. So now I have two groups to hang out with. It is really nice to be able to call two groups of friends because if one is doing anything the other one probably is. I have always tries to make new friends and keep the old just like the song says, but sometimes you just can’t. There are kid from 8th grade that I was very good friends with, but now I don’t even make eye contact in the hallway with. It sounds bad, but it’s true. I would hope to talk to them before I graduate, but you never know. All in all I am happy with the friends I have and I am always open for more friends. High school friendships are fun, but they can be stressful and unnecessary. I hope that I keep in touch with the people I have enjoyed my high school career with for many years.

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