May 13, 2010
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I woke up on September 1st, 2006 at 6:00 a.m. It was my first day of school. This just wasn’t any other first day of school though; it was my first day of High School. I would be attending Arrowhead High School in Hartland, WI. When I went to the school for orientation I realized that it was a very big school and there were for sure to be a lot of kids I wouldn’t know. When I first got out of bed I was hit with the weird sensation of my stomach dropping as if I was flying down a roller coaster at 100 mph. I made my way into the bathroom, showered and got ready. My mom, who worked at the school, made sure I arrived at 6:45 a.m. When I was in the car on the way to school my stomach really started to turn, and I was beginning to get a headache. When I first saw the school reality kicked in and I no longer wanted to continue my way towards the school, but my mom kept driving. When I finally got out of the car I entered the school, I was there early because my mom needed to be there early to set up the library because that’s where she worked. Since I was there early there were very few kids, none recognizable. I went to my locker and dropped off my lunch, after this I turned to my right to look down the mile long hallway and there it was. What I saw was indescribable; there were hundreds of kids coming down the hallway from getting off the buses. At this moment I retreated to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror for 50 seconds and I said to myself, “I can do this.” So I went back out into the hallway and tried to find someone I knew. When I went down another long hallway I found one of my friends, Karl. I then followed him to his locker and we talked on the way there saying how crazy it was to see this many people in such a confined area. As I made my way to first hour I was extremely nervous and was really hoping that I would at least know one person in my first class, and fortunately for me I know a bunch of kids from my previous school and I started to talk to them. At this point I started to feel alright about high school just as long as I had someone that I knew in each of my classes. Then 8th hour came, so far I knew at least one person in all of my classes, but not for 8th hour. I had English, and there was no one to be found that I knew. I looked around and every kid had friends that they were talking to while I sat there quiet and lonely. The teacher noticed that I was sitting alone and being silent so she decided that we would start the class off with a name game. We went around the room describing ourselves with one word, and then having to remember everyone’s name and word behind us. Well when it got to my name I just froze and couldn’t think of a describing word for myself that started with the letter “e”. Finally someone next to me said “Ecstatic.” So that’s what I said and then I was done. I could really start to feel the sweat now go away. Now I gradually started to talk to some of the kids in the class and it started to get a lot better. I knew now that most of these kids were on the same boat as me. The school day finally finished and I talked to my mom about it on the way home, and she asked how it went and I said “Couldn’t have gone any better, I guess.” I then went on to going to school no problem and being able to deal with all the kids and I just kept saying to myself “I can do this.”

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