Accepting the day

May 13, 2010
By NickLandowski BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
NickLandowski BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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When you start school, you are scared;
You try to continue, but stresses build.
When you look inside, no one seems to have cared;
Insecurities and sadness, your heart has been filled.

You look for friends, but you’re left in the dark;
On a social map, you have lost your mark.
Teachers try to help, but you push away;
Without any friends, your heart begins its decay.

The lunch room is lively and flourishing with possibilities;
There are available seats with vacancy signs galore.
Lurking in a stall, holding close your hostilities;
Locking your door, friendship you will not again explore.

The school day ends, you hold your home dear,
It feels as if you have traveled the sphere.
Mom’s loving embrace, your only true friend,
You don’t think she will comprehend.

She lies your head down, on a pillow so soft;
You look to the sky, it will again be blue.
Her reminder that in your head lays an open loft,
Memories of when a bird once flew.

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