May 13, 2010
By Madalyn BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Madalyn BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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When the clock reaches 7:30,
Everyone says it’s way too early.

It’s time to walk through the doors,
With the students dreading all the chores.

Nobody listening,
The announcements blasting.

Just waiting for the day to be over.

The first classes always a joke,
Drinking coffee and all kinds of Coke.

The periods are way too long,
And the answers always seem to be wrong.

Smart nerds continuously raising their hands,
While others just listening to all kinds of bands.

Just waiting for the day to be over.

When lunch comes around,
Different cliques are found.

Sitting with one an other,
You look around and meet another.

Once the bell rings for the hundredth time,
You through out the trash and put away your last dime.

Just waiting for the day to be over.

It’s now half way through the day
And all the hard work is starting to pay.

Getting back all your work,
You get so excited you start to jerk!

Now the day is almost over,
Just a few more hours to push the cover.

When the final bell rings,
Students grab their things.

Little ones stuck to riding the bus,
While the seniors drive away in the dust.

Everyone’s cheering
And people clearing.

The school day is finally over.

The author's comments:
an average day of school

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