Make it bright!

May 13, 2010
By , Hartland, WI
Eighth grade is here and I want it gone.
Don’t even feel like I belong.
In a class of 32,
Don’t even know what to do.

Cliques are present left and right.
I just want to scream and fight.
This is not fair, this is not cool,
Why doesn’t anyone break this rule?

The rule of exclusion
The rule of hurt
The rule of never making it work.
The rule of sadness.
The rule of pain.
Make this all go away.

I don’t need to belong to that crowd,
There must be no judgment going around.
We can’t let anything go wrong.
Our true self has to come out and be found.

So let us stand up for what is right.
Break this rule that is clouding our sight.
To see that everyone is the same,
And get over all this fame.

Now change the rules so everyone sees
What people can really turn out to be.
I want them to see the better side of me
This is how it’s going to be.

The rule of belonging
The rule of cheer
The rule of having everyone near.
The rule of happiness.
The rule of delight.
Let’s make this year really bright.

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