alone in the sun

May 13, 2010
By pjknoebel GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
pjknoebel GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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You go to school to meet new friends
The rest of your life now begins
You sit at lunch all alone
Wishing that you could just go home
The kids at school just have fun
I sit on the playground all alone in the sun

The kids all make fun of me because I wear glasses.
Well see when we get older in class who passes.
When I get home I never want to go back.
Wishing that I could get off this lonely track.

It takes just one person to not be mean.
Having just a friend is only my dream.
Some to talk with, someone to listen.
To get just a friend, that is my mission.

I sit in class and wait for the bell.
I don’t like school if you can’t tell.
The bell finally rings and school is now done.
I still am alone, just me and the sun.

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