High School

May 13, 2010
Everyday I sit in class

Staring at the clock hope it goes round fast

So I can escape from this concrete jungle

Fifty different cliques all trying to be humble

They don’t understand they’re all conceded

So maybe we should turn our attention to those who need it

Instead of worrying about that clothes you’re wearing

So self absorbed that you need that constant staring

It’s more like glaring from across the hall

We could care less if it from Kohl’s or the mall

But that’s not what the world has led us to believe

It’s the pricetag on your clothes that brings you up on the scene

I’m not trying to be mean I’m just telling the truth

It’s crazy how material things have corrupted our youth

Constantly on their phones checking their facebook page

Every year getting them at a younger age

So lets stop for a moment and rewrite this page

You need to stop worrying about if your up on stage
And just relax and live life peacefully
Because no matter what clique their just like you and me.

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