When the Bell Rings

May 13, 2010
By afilman PLATINUM, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
afilman PLATINUM, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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When the bell rings
The war begins
The children appear
All masked with grins

When the bell rings
Everyone knows where they belong
Opinions already formed
Although most are completely wrong

When the bell rings
You smile, you wave
Ignoring the hurt
For the attention you crave

When the bell rings
You eat in the bathroom alone
You hide your feet
So your cover won’t be blown

When the bell rings
You pray for a change
A friend or acquaintance
To believe you’re not strange

When the bell rings
No one knows your story
You beg for someone
To see your potential glory

When the bell rings
The smiles are fake
As the year went on
They became easier to make

When the bell rings
You feel trapped in a cell
A place no one knows you
They silence your yells

When the bell rings
And they day is through
Not one person
Seemed to notice you

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