Welcome to High School

May 13, 2010
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You shuffle through the hallway, a backpack hoisted over your shoulder.
You keep your head down.
You try to block everything out.

Without even looking you can feel it; their eyes piercing your soul,
Reminding you that you will never belong.
You’re too short, too shy, too different.

The crowd thickens, but you feel more alone.
You tighten your fist around your backpack’s shoulder strap;
At least that’s one thing no one can take from you.

Soon, you break free of the crowd.
You take a breath.
You slowly lift your head and prepare yourself for what’s ahead.
Your eyes scan the lunchroom, but do not find any comfort.
The bell rings and you turn around.

You choke back tears as you lock yourself in the bathroom stall.
Taking a bite of your sandwich, you’re reminded of how alone you are.
It can only go up from here, you think to yourself.
Welcome to high school.

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