May 13, 2010
The kid that sits at the end of the table who is he? Why does he sit there every day? Doesn’t he have any friends? He sits there at our lunch table with his ham and cheese sandwich, apple sauce, and the diet mountain dew every day at the corner of the table. My friends always picked on him but I don’t know why, he seems like a normal kid … what makes it right to pick on him and him not to pick on us? I took the bold step and I stay by him one day everyone looked at me as if I was insane, I just ignored them. Then I found out that he really isn’t that different just shy… why exclude when you can include right? I had to invite him to the clique! The others didn’t understand but, I made them see that he really isn’t different then you and me. The kid at the end of our table is now the center of our clique he is funny, smart, and understands what’s up when something is wrong. Isn’t it nice to include people? It is just amazing how a few people can change someone’s life for the better just with a little bit of care, you don’t have to hide the pain you don’t have to wear a mask to make everyone like you. You can just be you and people can love you for whatever you are that’s what true friends do they don’t care about the color of your skin, the size of your body, the money in your wallet, or what sports you are in, they care about if you will treat them with respect and will be there for you when you need them. And now the kid at the end of the lunch table has a name… his name is Gavin.

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