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May 8, 2010
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Here I stand, no hype, no gloss, no pretense.
Take a good look at me. Do you see who I am?
I am black woman. I am not a number.
So don’t put me into your stereotypical statistic.
Maybe I wont make it onto Forbes rich list.
But I do, posses the wealth of knowledge.
Is that not enough? Must I have money to blow?
You see I will never be defined by the size of my wallet.
My money will never measure my character.
Most of you don’t even know me. Everyone has their assumptions about me.
You think I’m perfect? Well let me just step down from my pedestal for a minute.
You see I have been through it all and witnessed it too.
This world isn’t perfect and it hasn’t always favored me.
I am not immune to the troubles of the world.
But, there came a time in my life where enough was enough.
You see, I was tired of being a part of something so negative, that brought me so much pain.
I am not from the perfect family. I’m just a little lost black girl trying to find her place in this world.
I’m not trying to be anyone else but me, I cant help it if I talk or act the way I do.
If I fit in, good, if I don’t, that’s fine too. I’m not in the business of conforming.
Everyday I stare in the mirror searching.
I’m supposed to be the future, but I’m dwelling in the past.

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Noella said...
May 21, 2010 at 2:14 pm
This is a great story and it is extremely relatable. I'm impressed. Keep on writing!
AlmostAlreadyGone said...
May 17, 2010 at 4:37 pm

This really is amazing. It is all so true.

The way you wrote this, it really does sound like you're coming clean; just like you said. It's just as if you're holding your hands up and telling the world to look at you for who you really are. Not as they want you to be, not as you feel you should be.

I wish had the strength to do that with you.

Keep writing.

Teiarra replied...
May 17, 2010 at 11:19 pm
Beautiful! I can definitley relate=)
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