May 4, 2010
By mooseytootsey BRONZE, Houston, Texas
mooseytootsey BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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"R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me." Everyone looks differently at respect. People from older generations always complain about how kids nowadays have less respect than they had when they were younger. Now, due to this people from older generations believe that the world is becoming a worse place.

Where has respect gone? The idea of respect has changed so much. You always hear “Respect your elders.” Well now people just say that as a joke. Nobody takes it seriously. Kids talk back to their parents nowadays and in the past you wouldn’t even THINK about it. “Do to others what you would like to be done to you.” It is called the golden rule for a reason. We need to realize that having respect for other people is important.
Respect is a necessary way of life. Whenever you drive down the street you see graffiti on fences and buildings and you see how people don’t take care of their things anymore. People need to have respect for things to make the world look like a better place. Years ago, when people had more respect the world didn’t have all of these problems that we are facing now.
The idea of respect has an effect on everything. Because everyone has a different concept of respect, the main focus of it has vanished. You don’t see anyone show anybody respect anymore. Most people don’t care about respect; they just say what is on their mind.
Many famous things have come from respect and people need to honor it. Respect is a major part of how things happen in this world and people need to realize it; respect makes the world go round.

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on May. 15 2010 at 12:22 pm
spiltmilk PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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ahh wifee! your story is great! it relates....haha. see ya at school!


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