Fine Arts is the Answer

May 4, 2010
By MitchD BRONZE, Scipio, Indiana
MitchD BRONZE, Scipio, Indiana
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If you had the chance to provide your children with valuable skills and the ability to make better grades, would you take advantage of this? Personally, I would want to give my children every chance I could to help them excel. Many people do not realize that the fine arts actually provide all of these options.

The fine arts provide valuable life skills. Participating in the fine arts of theater and musical performance helps young people to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities. It also helps them learn how to speak in front of groups, and it makes them feel more at ease on the stage or in front of the class.

The fine arts affect much larger aspects than you may believe. Just try and imagine our country without some of our famous musicians and singers. I think you would find this very hard to do since their music affects so much of our culture. Having the chance to experience the fine arts in middle school and high school really opens the eyes of some children. The enjoyment they get from performing helps them realize that they would like to pursue a career in the musical arts.

Various studies such as those done at Harvard and Duke show that students who participate in the fine arts at school not only receive the benefits of participating in these programs, but they also seem to do better in their core classes such as math, science, and language arts.

The fine arts provide more than just enjoyment, they provide a path to success and all people should be able to experience this.

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