Effects of the Cellular Device

May 2, 2010
In 1977 cell phones became available to the American public and ever since then cell phones have become more available, smaller, faster and able to access the World Wide Web. Cell phones can be great assets; they entertain us and can be a lifesaver during emergencies. However, cell phones can also have many negative effects. Cell phones are a large contributor to driving accidents, social disorders, and sleep loss.

In America, reckless driving is often caused by simultaneous cell phone use. According to a website, cell phone use while driving causes twenty-one percent of fatal accidents. In Pennsylvania one must be sixteen and a half to receive a driver’s license. An online report shows that thirty-four percent of sixteen to seventeen year olds admit to text messaging while driving, moreover, fifty-four percent of teens between the previous ages, talk on the phone as they drive. This report proves teenagers are not safe to text and drive at the same time. In 2008 more then 800,000 drivers, at any given time during the day, were using a cell phone. Harvard Center for Risk Analysis calculated that 2,600 people die each year and 330,000 people are injured in vehicle related accidents when a cell phone is involved. Teen drivers are also four times more likely to be involved in a car accident while talking or texting than an adult.

Social interactions are hindered by the overuse of cell phones. Studies have shown face-to-face interactions can become more awkward and both verbal and non-verbal communication can be effected. One’s body language is harder to read, because no body language is used to communicate while talking or text messaging on the phone. A major downside to text messaging is the possibility of wrong interpretation because the recipient could assume something other than what was meant to be said.

The amount of sleep recommended for the average teenager is eight to nine hours every night. Not surprisingly, teens that text in bed after the lights are turned out get less sleep. Researchers say that it requires two hours of sleep on the weekend to make up an hour of sleep lost during the week.

Talking and text messaging while driving can be very dangerous. One must practice caution and wisdom to know when the use of a cell phone is necessary while driving. Also cell phones can cause users to have social disorder as well as sleep loss. Cell phones are good and beneficial in many cases, however, when used in excess they can cause harm.

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