should we do anything about child abuse

April 12, 2010
Should we do anything about child abuse?
Imagine you’re walking to your house and you hear screaming from the house you just pasted. You turn around and look through the window and see a little boy getting hit by his father. The mother is standing there watching them. But instead of helping the boy you walk away. The next day you watch the news and hear that the boy you saw yesterday was killed by his parents. You just witness child abuse.

Many children in the world had suffered from child abuse. Parents would say that they don’t hit their kids they discipline them, but there is a fine line between abuse and discipline. We need to be like The Child Abuse Prevention Association (CAPA) which “helps children and their families overcome the traumatic effects of child abuse”. Child abuse is what makes kids fear their parent. Parents are going to say that they hit they’re kid because they lie but the truth is that they lie because they’re afraid they’re go to get hit.

In 2006 1 in every 58 children in the united states suffer from child abuse” .We have to help stop the abuse, the children is the future and we can’t have the scared for life. National, over 2 million reports of abuse happen every year and 1500 children die from there injury. Children in our own community are at risk.
Child abuse is a terrible thing. We stop half the mayhem in 1974 with the child abuse prevention and treatment act, but it’s not enough. We should ask children individually if there parent abuse them to help stop the abuse then if we get a confession we can send the parents to rehab.

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