My Skyscraper

April 29, 2010
By HayleyMay BRONZE, Millersville, Maryland
HayleyMay BRONZE, Millersville, Maryland
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My eyes take in the streets of a city; the shiny cars, the cracked asphalt, the intense faces, but most of all, the tallest skyscraper. Beneath a blue, urban sky its windows gleam in the sunlight. I know in my heart that that is where I need to go. I have no direction, just my building standing tall in front of me. I wander through the streets with my eyes kept on the building. As I walk, I have so many choices. I dart through these faded streets and think
“I can walk. I can run. I can stop to look in the shop’s windows, or take a detour and stroll through the open air markets. I can go left. I can go right. I can just keep going straight.” Each decision holds more pressure than the one before. All I know is that I must make it to the top. I can’t waste my time trying to get there. As I think I look down at my feet pounding hard on the concrete of the ground, and I breathe in the fresh air. People on their way to work hurry by, unaware of the life bustling around them. They wear clicking heels or fancy shoes that hold up the strong legs of wonderfully ambitious people. So focused on where they have to go. I wonder if I should be more like them. I have to make it to the top of the skyscraper. Perhaps if I were able to focus, like the hustling and bustling workers, I would get there faster. But then, perhaps, I wouldn’t enjoy the adventure there as much. I sigh and stop to pick a flower. I play with its delicate pink petals and I make a left. My feet dance upon the ground, as my skyscraper still towers above me. Car horns honk around me and irritate already irritated drivers. Some shouts can be heard from the cars waiting for the stop light’s harsh red light to become green. I wonder what it would be like to be in the fast lane; to have a ride right to where you want to go, right to your greatest dream come true. I continue to walk; the skyscraper gets a bit bigger and bigger with every step. I smile as I realize I am slowly making progress, but is it enough? Along my way I meet a few friendly faces and stop to say hello. While we talk the skyscraper still looms above me. We say our goodbyes and I keep walking. I feel as if I’ve been walking forever, and through everything. I’ve been through rain, and sleet, and snow, and clouds, and sun. But not even weather can slow me down. I have to get to the top of the skyscraper. I look down the street see it right before me. I begin to run, darting towards the building. It quickly grows before me, and the thought that I will almost be there is unimaginable. I must make it to the top. I am about to step onto the sidewalk when the ground below me cracks into a million pieces, the buildings all tumble down. The ground falls below me and I’m slipping through darkness. I flinch and my eyes shoot open. I’m lying in my bed; the clock reads 4:26. I sigh, only a dream. I sit up, get out of bed, and pick up my guitar. For each note that I practice, I know, is a step closer to my skyscraper.

The author's comments:
An extended metaphor about my dreams and ambitions.

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