April 27, 2010
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Track means different things to different people. Track is showing hard work and treating others like you would like to be treated. In athletics, we must show respect in many ways. One of those ways is by clapping for our team whether they win or lose. Our coaches help us show respect for our school by making us clean up the trash after a track meet. If we didn’t have respect in our school and community, before long our school would be ruined and people would not get along.

I’ve had disability since I was born but I do 4 events because I work hard and I show respect to the coaches. Being in track is cool I run the 100meter dash,200meter, long jump and 4100.
I have been in track at Pleasant Plains for two years. I see respect all the time. When we are at a track meets, whether we win or lose, we always say “good job”. We shake hands with the other team. Our fans are told never to boo the other team. Our players try not to look disappointed if they beat us.
I have been at many track meets and I have seen respect also. I once had to race against my friend from Athens, IL. Even though, we were on opposing teams we laughed and made respectful comments about each others team. When we are not in the race we stand along the sides and cheer for all the runners.
In track sports, we are told how to show respect. We should never put our heads down when we lose, because that shows we are just poor losers. We are supposed to dress nice and look our best. This shows that we respect our team and school.
All parts of a team are equal to one another. The coach, players, managers, and stats person must all work together and show respect to one another to have a great team. If one player has no respect for another player, then the whole team will start falling apart and the season will be hopeless.
There are other ways to show our Respect to our team many of our kids wear Plains track t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. It shows that we have respect for our team and we are proud to be part of the school.
Our Assistant Principal Mr. Theilen helps us show respect for our school by having us pick up trash after the game. We also clean up trash in our area when we go to other schools. This shows that we respect our school and the others schools and want to help keep them nice.
We all have to show respect, even grown ups. Showing respect means a lot to people. Track is a good sport. Track is hard, fun, and exciting

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Mom B said...
May 3, 2010 at 11:00 am
I am very proud of your accomplishments!!! I never see your disability as something bad, I see it as a blessing from God to remind you and the rest of us how luck we are and not to take things for granted.  LOL
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